How to Make Old iPad Run Faster as it Used to Be

Every handheld device including the iPad will run slower as the time progress. If you are an old iPad user and start to feel the slowness of your device, these are the tips to make your old iPad running faster as it used to be.

make old ipad run faster

Step by step to Make Your Old iPad Running Faster

There are a few reasons that can make your iPad run slower. Below you can do some tips so that your old iPad can run faster.

  • Delete The No Longer Used Apps

Apps take some space on the storage. By deleting all the no longer used apps, you will free some space in the iPad’s memory that makes iOS work lighter. Remember deleting the apps is not similar to closing the apps down. Deleting means you completely remove the apps from your device while closing down means you only stop the apps to work but the apps still take the space in device memory.

  • Remove Large Files

Go to the Settings menu, General column then select Storage & iCloud Usage. Tap Manage Storage to see large files that occupy your device. Delete the files you do not longer anymore.

  • Restart iPad

After you clean the apps and large files of your iPad, restart your device so it can refresh the memory. Hold down a little longer Sleep/Wake button till you see Power control slider. Slide the power off. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button again if you want to turn on your iPad.

Advanced Steps You Can Do to run Faster Your Old iPad

  • Switch Off Apps Refresh

This will stop apps to refresh features that running in the background. Go to the Settings menu, select General column then Switch to OFF Background App Refresh.

turn off apps refresh

  • Update iOS

It is just another way to make your device running faster if several tips beforehand are not working. Be warned that sometimes updating iOS is not helping your iPad running faster, it even makes your device running slower.

update ios

  • Clear Cache

Full cache makes your Safari working hard to search through all the website data. Go to the Settings menu, General column, and Clear History and Website Data to clear all the cache.

clear cache on ipad

  • Turn off Location Service

If you turn on this feature, it will always be running in the background. Not only it makes your iPad running slower, but it also drains the battery. Go to the Settings menu, tap the Privacy column, and switch to OFF Location Services.

turn off location service

Hopefully by doing some steps above, your old iPad can run faster.

4 Steps to Speed up a Slow iPad and Get Back the Best Performance

At this time, many people begin to move to iPad as their main device. Moreover, it comes more than as the usual smartphone. Even though, it helps you to do your jobs and unique message too. The sophisticated performance comes from the iOS 10. Nevertheless, iPad often runs slow suddenly where it may happen to the old and new. When you face this case, of course, you want to speed up a slow iPad soon.  On the other hands, you will be panic but do not worry. You will get tips to speed up a slow iPad here. Therefore, stay here and rejuvenate your knowledge.

speed up a slow ipad

How to Speed up a Slow iPad with 4 Steps

What makes your iPad suddenly running slow? Certainly, you curious about it and wish can avoid it after knowing the cause. Apparently, the cause of the slow performance is because of the internet connection. There is no serious case making your device misfire and the handling is quite easy. You quite follow 4 steps below to speed up the iPad:

  • Create a Free Space

Deleting some items such as files, photos, videos, and cache are a good idea to make a free space. The free space will restore the performance of the iPad again. To the old iPad with iOS 10, you can go to Settings, General, and the Storage. Afterward, press Delete Application after you tap entry. Meanwhile, the device with iOS 11 can tap Offload Apps.

Tap Photo application, Album, and choose Video. Then, delete the unnecessary videos with tap the icon Rubish in the lower right corner of the screen. To delete Cache, Open Settings and Safari. Then, tap Delete History and Website Data.

  • Tweak Some Settings

One of the best tweaks is Reduce Motion. Activate by opening Settings, General, Accessibility.

  • Update and Reinstall iOS

Reinstall your iOS by connecting to iTunes. Then, go to Summary and then Restore again. You should make a backup and recovery because you will lose everything on the iPad.

  • Replace iPad Battery

Try replacing the battery. Visit the third party if Apple provides a large fee ($ 199 +). However, you might get cheaper parts.

Understanding your iPad Limitation

The old iPad does not support current technology. Knowing these limitations why not return the factory? Or, donate it to someone who is more in need. You can also reuse, resell, or recycle.

Well, those are the easy steps to speed up a slow iPad. You only need 4 steps and you can run the device well again. However, you have to know the limitation of the iPad too so that you can make the right way to handle it.

How to Get Microsoft Office on iPad Without Paying for It

How to download Microsoft Office on iPad for free? In this increasingly sophisticated era, the pattern of work of people must also adjust. Work does not have to be in front of a computer in the room. However, they can work anywhere with their gadgets. They may use their tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPhone, and many else to finish their project. It is very practical, right? So, you quite bring them wherever you are. To support your job, you need to add Microsoft Office inside. Here, you are going to learn how to get Microsoft Office on iPad. Let’s check this out!

get microsoft office on ipad

Look and Perceive How to Get Microsoft Office on iPad for Free

There are many functions and types coming from the Microsoft Office. Microsoft contains Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and so on. By this Apps, you can see, read, write, and edit your document properly. Differ from the previous system, iPad does not use Office 365 so that the usage is unlimited. Here, you will get the way to own this application for free. Now, follow these instructions and pay attention to the explanation well:

  1. Open App Store.
  2. Download the application.
  3. Enter to Office 365. You can make a Microsoft ID in case you do not have the apps. Fill the blank with your phone number and birth date. Although you enter the office 365, it does mean you are the member of it.
  4. Synchronize your Microsoft Office. This step is actually for the user that uses OneDrive account, previously. You must download the document to the iPad and then synchronize it to the Microsoft Clouds on the interval.

Microsoft Word and Excel on iPad

You cannot create and document when you still use Office 365. Meanwhile, you can do it all because there is a substantive editing tool. On iPad, you have a wider screen size that eases you to do editing. Besides that, there is a Reflow button which has many functions. It helps you to change the text size, delete unnecessary document elements, also float tool above the text. The most important thing is you will be more focus on your editing session. Meanwhile, Excel comes to make a spreadsheet. Then, you can modify, save, and print.

excell on ipad

So, having a modern mind is a must now. You have to think practically and willing to receive every change. How to get Microsoft Office on iPad above help you to be more open minded very much. The application teaches you about many things where something should not be strick. Yeah, work everywhere and happy without throw many times.

How to Download YouTube Videos and Save to Your iPad

In fact, download youtube videos to iPad is very easy to do if you know the steps well. So, in this review, it will be available for you the simple ways of how to download videos to iPad from the internet. Actually, many people want to download some videos that they want. It is done in order to be able to watch them offline. Thus, they do not need again to watch them online because they have downloaded them to their iPad.

download youtube videos to ipad

In relation to that, there are some easy steps that you have to do to download the youtube videos to your iPad. It does not only download but also you can save them. Here are the steps of downloading and saving youtube videos.

Steps to Download Youtube Videos to iPad

In downloading the youtube videos to your iPad, there will be five simple steps that you should do. Are you curious about them, guys? If the answer is yes, just follow these steps below!

  • Open Documents 6

The first step that you have to download the youtube videos is opening the documents 6. You can open it if you have downloaded that app to your iPad. In addition, you are able to find this icon which has a multicolored “D“. Besides, this app icon is on the white background.

document 6 browser

  • Open the Documents 6 browser

In this case, you can get it in the second list of documents. Appropriately, it is located under the icon of iCloud.

  • Go to SaveFrom site

Then, you must type in the address bar. It is at the top of the screen. After typing it, just tap Go.


  • Paste in the youtube video’s address

After finishing the third step, you are suggested to paste the link in the address of youtube videos.

  • Tap download

The last step is tapping download. You can find the icon of download in the middle of the page. This icon is indicated by the green button.

How to Save the Youtube Videos intoYour iPad

After downloading the youtube videos to your iPad, it is of course for you to save the video that you have downloaded. However, you are still confused about saving it. Well, here is the step in saving the youtube videos:

  • Tap Save

After finishing the process of download youtube videos, you are able to click save. Actually, where can you find it? Yea, you are able to get it in the top right corner of the screen.

For the additional information, please remember that this process can need some time. It depends on the connection of Wi-Fi. Those are the simple tips to save and download youtube videos to iPad. You can try it well if you understand the tips correctly.

How to Print Wirelessly from iPad Using AirPrint App

When you want to print something like a document, you can print wirelessly from iPad using the app of AirPrint. Greatly, a technology of AirPrint offers the Apple devices to send print over the Wi-Fi. It is done in order to make appropriate to the equipped printers. Moreover, using AirPrint printers, you will see the option of printing from iOS via the share button. As long as the printer which you use is connected to the same network, your own iPad has to get it. It is of course with having no further prompting. In this following review, you will know the ways in printing somethings using AirPrint app.

print wirelessly from ipad

How to Print Wirelessly from iPad for Email

In order to print an email using AirPrint, you are able to do some easy steps below.

  • Open the Mail app

Firstly, open the app of Mail and look for the email that you want to print.

  • Find an icon of Flag

At the bottom of Mail, you will see an icon of Flag. Then, just curving arrow and pointing left.

print email from ipad

  • Tap the arrow

Tapping that arrow is the third step. After that, you can select Print from the option lists.

  • Tap on Select Printer

In this case, you need to tap on the Select Printer so that a local AirPrint printer will be available.

print email from ipad pro

  • Select the printer

It means that you should select the printer when the local printer is located.

  • Tap print

The last step is that just tapping print in order to print the email that you want.

How to print file from Safari app using AirPrint

In order to be able to print a file which is from the app of Safari, you can do seven easy ways. Here they are.

  • Open the Safari app

The first step is opening the app of Safari. And then, navigate it to the web page that you want to open and print.

  • Tap the share icon

Then, you should tap on the share icon which is located at the bottom bar.

  • Swipe across the bottom row

In this step, you will find three action rows. In these rows, you have to swipe across the bottom row until you get the icon of Print.

print webpage from ipad

  • Tap on Select Printer

If the AirPrint printer has not been located, just tap on the select printer to be identified.

  • Select the AirPrint device

After that, you are suggested to select the AirPrint device from the printer lists.

  • Select the page

In this case, you can select the page that you want to print.

  • Tap print

By tapping on the icon of print, you are able to print a file that you want.

Those are the brief tips of print wirelessly from iPad. Hope you can do it in the right instructions.