How to Deal with The iPad not Charging Issues

iPad not charging is a serious problem and must get the handling as soon as possible. If not, you will not be able to operate it. However, the handling of the problem may do carelessly. You have to check the reasons why your iPad does not charging even plugged into wall or others. Commonly, there are 4 things causing the problem of the iPhone. It comes from software, chargers, lightning cables, and iPad charging ports. Has this problem been resolved immediately? Find out the solution below and choose the most right for your iPad.

ipad not charging

Solve the Problem in 5 Ways if Your iPad Not charging

There are 5 ways to handle your iPad does not charging problem where you can try from:

  1. Hard reset iPad

Try to do a hard reset with the press and hold the Home button along with the power button. Do about 20 to 30 second until emerging the flare Apple logo. At least, this method can temporarily overcome your software damage.

  1. Check your Charger

Check iPad software whether or not it detects power fluctuations from the charger. Power fluctuations as a security risk will prevent your iPad from charging. Try charging using a USB port on the laptop and wall charger. If your iPad can fill it with a USB port, it means that your charger has a problem.

  1. Check the Lightning Cable

Check your Lightning cable by charging your iPad. If there is a fraying or discoloration of the cable or the Lightning connector, your Lighting cable has a problem.

  1. Only use the cable with MFi certificate

Cables that do not have an MFi certificate are indeed much cheaper and easier to find. Even though, it is not original and may not be suitable for your iPad. If you force to use it, it can cause damage to your device.

  1. Clean the Charging Port

ipad clean charging port

Maybe you have tried a number of ways above but it still hasn’t worked. So it’s time to check your iPad’s charging port. The goal is to look for dirt, fiber, gunk, or other impurities in it. This dirt can inhibit your Lightning cable connection to the charging port of your iPad.

How to Clean the Charging Port Independently

If the iPad is not charging because of the dirty charging Port, you can do two things. Firstly, you can do a DFU Recovery. DFU recovery helps you clean the charging port by removing all the code on the iPad. Then, it will reload all the code on your iPad to its factory default. Meanwhile, the second way is with fix the iPad in Apple Store or Plus. They will examine and fix you are properly.

Now, do those ways when your iPad not charging. Choose from the first until the last choice. Thanks for reading but do not be lazy to share this information. See you!

Finding out Several Steps to Send Messages from an iPad

SMS belongs to Apple’s feature that is so important for you. It can send your message to some people you want. So, do you know the way to send SMS from iPad? Have you ever find difficulties doing this matter? If so, it is the best time for you to try it by following the steps to send Text Messages from an iPad below. Make sure you are holding your device now and do every step carefully.

send messages from an ipad

The Steps to Try When You Need to Send Text Messages from an iPad

You can just follow the steps below if you find difficulties to send SMS from your iPad.

  1. Find and open the Messages app

From your device’s screen, you can find the Message app to begin. Then, you can tap on it to launch the app.

  1. Click on the Compose Message

After the Message app is opened, you can find the words say “Compose Message”. Just click on it to go to the next step.

  1. Enter the name of the persons in your device’s contact or the phone number you are going to text

When you have not saved the number you want to text on your iPad’s contact, you can just enter the number. While you have saved it, just find it in your contact and tap to choose. If you have saved the number, you do not need to type it.

  1. Write or type your message

In this section, it allows you to type the message as you need.

  1. Touch Send

After you do this way, your message will be sent to the addressee you choose. Just wait for the process until successfully done.

Simple Ways to Reply SMS from the iPad

When you receive a message from someone, you certainly need to reply it if it is necessary. To reply to any message, you can do it easily and it does not need a long time. Here are the tips.

  1. Click on the Notification

This way is very effective to quickly reply the message comes. Besides, by tapping the notification comes, it will be taken straight to the message app without tapping on the app to launch it. So, it will shorten the process of launching the Message app.

  1. Type your message to reply

After you click the notification, it will automatically go to the Message app, precisely to the chat with someone sends you a message. When you reach this section, you can just type your message to reply.

  1. Click on the Send

You can end the process of replying message by clicking the word ‘Send’ on the right bottom of your screen.

Considering that SMS is important to connect you with other people, to know how to send Text Messages from an iPad is necessary. So, as the iPad users, to find out the accurate tips to send a text message using your device is suggested for you.

The Easy Ways to Set up Family Sharing on iPad Easily

Have you ever known about Apple Family Sharing explained in some articles? If you have never known it, let’s follow the explanation below. Well, there are some benefits you can get from this service. One of the great benefits is that you can share all of your iTunes purchase with your family. Besides, you can do the same to your App Store purchase. To enjoy this service from your iPad, you have to make sure that your device runs iOS 8 or above. Also, you need to set it up. The question is, how to Set up Family Sharing on iPad? Let’s follow the steps below.

set up family sharing on ipad

Steps to Set up Family Sharing on iPad you can easily do

Here are eleven steps you can do to set up the Family Sharing on your iPad.

  1. ipad family sharingOpen the Setting app on your iPad.

To start the process of setting up Family Sharing, you have to launch the Setting app.

  1. Press the Apple ID banner.

After opening the Setting app, you can find and tap the Apple ID banner.

  1. Click on the Set Up Family Sharing.

By clicking this choice, it means that you have been ready to get it started. Be ready to go to the next step.

  1. Click on the Get Started.
  2. Click on the Continue.

In this section, it is possible for you to insert photo beforehand. However, it is optional. If you don’t like it, you do not need to add a photo.

  1. Click on the Continue.

After you do the fifth step, you have to tap on Continue again to share purchases.

  1. Click on the Continue again.

You need to click on Continue again to confirm the payment method.

  1. Click on the Share Your Location.

you can do this step if you want to share it with your family members. If you won’t, just click on Not Now.

  1. Click on the Add Family Member and type someone’s name you want to add.
  2. Choose the people you want to add by tapping each of them.
  3. Insert the Credit Card Security Code.

You should do it while prompted to confirm that you are the organizer.

After you do the eleven steps above, the people you add to be family members will get an invitation to accept. After they accept your invitation, they will be added automatically.

accept family sharingThe steps to accept a Family Sharing invitation on iPad

  1. Press Settings to open.
  2. Click on the Apple ID banner.
  3. Click on the Invitations.

In this step, you will see the invitation to accept.

  1. Click on the Accept and then followed by clicking on the Confirm.
  2. Click on the Continue to share purchases.
  3. End the process by tapping to Share your location or just by clicking on Not Now.

When you have done those six steps, you will come to the family on your iPad. It is simple, right? So, just do those ways to set up Family Sharing on iPad and learn how to accept the invitation to be a family.

4 Steps to Speed up a Slow iPad and Get Back the Best Performance

At this time, many people begin to move to iPad as their main device. Moreover, it comes more than as the usual smartphone. Even though, it helps you to do your jobs and unique message too. The sophisticated performance comes from the iOS 10. Nevertheless, iPad often runs slow suddenly where it may happen to the old and new. When you face this case, of course, you want to speed up a slow iPad soon.  On the other hands, you will be panic but do not worry. You will get tips to speed up a slow iPad here. Therefore, stay here and rejuvenate your knowledge.

speed up a slow ipad

How to Speed up a Slow iPad with 4 Steps

What makes your iPad suddenly running slow? Certainly, you curious about it and wish can avoid it after knowing the cause. Apparently, the cause of the slow performance is because of the internet connection. There is no serious case making your device misfire and the handling is quite easy. You quite follow 4 steps below to speed up the iPad:

  • Create a Free Space

Deleting some items such as files, photos, videos, and cache are a good idea to make a free space. The free space will restore the performance of the iPad again. To the old iPad with iOS 10, you can go to Settings, General, and the Storage. Afterward, press Delete Application after you tap entry. Meanwhile, the device with iOS 11 can tap Offload Apps.

Tap Photo application, Album, and choose Video. Then, delete the unnecessary videos with tap the icon Rubish in the lower right corner of the screen. To delete Cache, Open Settings and Safari. Then, tap Delete History and Website Data.

  • Tweak Some Settings

One of the best tweaks is Reduce Motion. Activate by opening Settings, General, Accessibility.

  • Update and Reinstall iOS

Reinstall your iOS by connecting to iTunes. Then, go to Summary and then Restore again. You should make a backup and recovery because you will lose everything on the iPad.

  • Replace iPad Battery

Try replacing the battery. Visit the third party if Apple provides a large fee ($ 199 +). However, you might get cheaper parts.

Understanding your iPad Limitation

The old iPad does not support current technology. Knowing these limitations why not return the factory? Or, donate it to someone who is more in need. You can also reuse, resell, or recycle.

Well, those are the easy steps to speed up a slow iPad. You only need 4 steps and you can run the device well again. However, you have to know the limitation of the iPad too so that you can make the right way to handle it.