How to Connect iPad to TV Using a Cable or Wirelessly

Although there are much new high technology device coming around us, television remains irreplaceable. Each house keeps maintain this entertainment electronic device and put it in the living room. Even, it also comes in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, patio, and the other public spaces. Today, you are going to connect iPad to TV. You connect an iPad to a smart TV both wirelessly and with cable. iPad screen may not be big. However, this device gives you a personal screen to watch movies more satisfied. You can connect the two and have two screens at once. This is a new way to watch cooler TV. The information is very important and you should know.

Steps to Connect iPad to TV with AirPlay Apps

Introduce an AirPlay application to connect your iPad to the television.  The AirPlay ease you to connect your device without cable (wireless). To get and install it, you have to:

  • Download and install AirPlay.
  • Tap the AirPlay to appear the submenu. It will show all hosts around.

If you switch to the mirroring, the television will be the second monitor. Even though, the mirroring is able to adjust to the orientation of the iPad. For this method, you must have quality Wi-Fi that is cooperative and videos in HD. If not, it will be a new problem.

connect ipad to tv

Connecting iPad and TV with Cable from these Options

Besides wireless, you have a lot of options to connect your electronic device to the TV. You can use some tools such as below:

  • USB: Connect the port Lightning iPad to the television with USB cable. This way only need seconds.
  • HDMI: Using HDMI can maintain the highest fidelity of video and audio source material. But if Lightning cannot output an HDMI signal, you can use the Digital AV Adapter for Lightning. Plug Lighting cables from the dongle to the iPad. Next, use a separate HDMI cable to connect the adapter to the TV. Switch inputs to the appropriate settings and share them. This way, you can watch TV while charging.
  • Mix the composite, component and VGA: Composite cables are red, white and yellow cables for antique systems such as N64 and others. The component cable has red, blue and green colors. Whereas VGA is a “monitor cable” that is already well-known for PCs. They will provide a good quality visual sub-HDMI with some additional cables. This method is cheaper than using

In fact, there are many options to connect iPad to TV. You can use the wireless or with cable. Anything you choose, it will give you the new sensation to enjoy your favorite movie. Try it and feel the magnificent style soon.

Set Up New iPad: Learn How to Setting Your New iPad for the First Time

If you have just bought a new iPad, what will you do later? It is of course for you to set up your new iPad, right? However, do you have a question how do I set up an iPad for a new user? In order to answer it, you can pay attention to the review below. In that review, it will be available for you the guiding in set up new iPad for the first time. So, let’s check it out!

set up new ipad

Simple Guide to Set Up New iPad

In order to set your new iPad which has been bought, you have to do some ways. It is done to be able to operate your new iPad well. Just follow these ways correctly!

  1. Slide the screen

Firstly, you should slide the screen of your new iPad. Thus, in order to get started, you are allowed to slide your own finger across the iPad screen.

  1. Select the language

In this case, you have to select the language which you want to use. It is usually automatically done when you buy an iPad in your country.

  1. Select your country

It should be appropriate to the place where you live and buy a new iPad.

setting new ipad

  1. Select a Wi-Fi network

Then, you can select a network of Wi-Fi and enter the password. If there is no connection for the Wi-Fi network, you are able to use your data. It can be done by finding the icon of Use Cellular.

  1. Wait for it to activate

In order to activate your iPad, you should wait for it for a moment.

  1. Enable the Location Services

When you want to enable the location services, you need to select the whether or not based on your desire.

  1. Set up Passcode and Touch ID

The last step is setting up a passcode and Touch ID. However, you are allowed to skip this by tapping Set Up Touch ID Later.

How to Use Automatic Set Up on Your New iPad

ipad automatic setup

In fact, you need to know that there are also some automatic steps in order to set up a new iPad. Are you curious about them? Okay, here are they.

  1. Choose the language

The first step is choosing the language on the iPad.

  1. Tap Continue

There will be an icon to set up your new iPad and then just tap Continue.

  1. Enter the passcode

Then, you should enter the passcode and the Touch ID too on your new iPad.

  1. Select restore

After the third step is done, you can select restore the new device.

  1. Tap Continue

In this case, you should tap Continue. And the process of setting up a new iPad automatically is completed.

The ways to set up new iPad are easy to understand. Hence, try the process as well as you can.

5 Ways To Get a Free Space on iPad and How to Optimize it

It is absolutely very annoying when you want to save photo but the storage space is full. Then, you remember that there are not many files, videos, or photo inside. Even, you had just deleted some of them yesterday. So, what you should do? Of course, you want to make a free space on iPad soon. Calm down! How to free space on iPad is available here. By the way, there are 5 steps that you can do.

free space on iPad

For more information, you did not allow to leave now but please stay.  You will update your insight today and then practice it soon. Do not to share it after you master it.

5 Tricks to Get a Free Space on Your iPad

Okay, you only must follow 5 ways below where it begins with:

  • Remove unused applications

Do it quickly from the Setting and go on Storage & iCloud Usage. Next, find out  [STORAGE] Manage Storage. Here, you will seethe space capacity and remove the ones you do not need.

  • Remove music files

Switch from streaming music to Apple Music service. It will give you more space on your iPad.

  • Remove iMessage history

Numerous iPad users use it for quick messages. Remove iMessage will free up a much of space on your device.

  • Clear the History and also the Website Data on Safari

In fact, Safari often creates lots of caches and cookies including the mobile version. Soon, go to Preferences and find the Safari. Afterward, clear the History and Website Data.

  • Remove the Unnecessary Photos and Videos

It relates to the service photos, screenshots, bad photos. The bad photo means when you take a few photos. Furthermore, you just select the most successful but forgetting to delete others. Besides that, it refers to the picture of Instagram, other applications, or Camera Roll.

Optimize your Storage Space on iPad with iOS

Definitely, optimizing the storage space on iPad is very essential. This case will ease you to store anything quickly. The iOS will free up space automatically when updating it (iOS), install applications, download music, record videos, and more. The iOS will delete some items such as files on iCloud Drive, streaming music & videos, and other unnecessary parts. Delete temporary files and clear cache. However, iOS only deletes items that are no longer needed or can be downloaded again.

What do you think about the tricks to free space on iPad? You, of course, agree and you will do it fast. From now, you can do anything you like with this device. All images, videos, and the file will enter the storage space well.

5 Easy Steps to Fix an iPad That Won’t Turn On

How do you fix an iPad that won’t turn on? Seemly, you are enjoying your new iPad, recently. Wow, maintain it well through the store still give you a warranty. Nowadays, iPad and the other smartphone style have been the first soul for the human. You, of course, cannot put it for a while so that always bring it everywhere. Even, you use it until the battery runs out. The running out of the battery makes it would not to turn on. How it happens when you wake up from your bed? Most people feel panic and think that it is a big problem. Actually, you quite fix an iPad that won’t turn on such below.

fix an ipad that won’t turn on

Pay Attention! 5 Ways Here Will Fix an iPad that Won’t Turn On

So, the core of the problem from the iPad that won’t turn on is because of the battery. If not, your device in on the Sleep mode. It is easy to solve in case the iPad in that mode. You quite turn it back on by press the Sleep/ Wake button in some seconds. Even though, you need these 5 instructions if your iPad don’t want to turn on because of the battery:

  • Try turning on the iPad by pressing and holding down the Sleep / Wake button. If you see the Apple logo appear, it means that your iPad is only intentionally turned off.
  • Restart your cell by pressing and holding the Home button and the Sleep / Wake button. This method is useful when the normal startup does not work.
  • If the battery on the iPad runs out, connect the iPad to a wall outlet. You can connect it to the power point on the wall or connect it to the PC.
  • After you charge the iPad, wait for an hour to turn it on. Even, you better wait for the battery full then you do.
  • If the iPad all the above methods fail, there might be a problem with your hardware. Immediately visit the nearest Apple Store to find problems with your iPad. In addition to the Apple Store, you can contact Apple Support for assistance and instructions.

Let’s Save Your iPad Battery Guys!

Differs from the old phone (not the smartphone), the power of the battery is very low. You might charge it more than one time a day. Even, you always bring a power bank everywhere. Try to save the battery because often get the drop is bad for the performance of the iPad:

  1. Turn off screen brightness (Settings => Display => Brightness).
  2. Turn off Push Notifications (Settings => Notifications).
  3. Turn off Location Services (Settings => Privacy).
  4. Turn off Bluetooth (Settings => Bluetooth or tap the Bluetooth icon in the control panel).
  5. Fetch Mail is less frequent (Settings => Accounts => Passwords => Retrieve New Data and select retrieval schedule).
  6. Turn Off Background Application Refreshes (Settings => General => Background Application Refreshes).
  7. Go to Settings => Battery. Check applications that require the most battery power.

In fact, fix an iPad that won’t turn on is very easy and fast. However, you must diagnose the cause of the problem first and then choose the most appropriate way. On the other hand, save the battery is important where it prevents the iPad from unexpected damages.

How to Unlock iPad From a Network and Use Any SIM

Have you ever got a question like “is my iPad unlocked or locked to a certain network? Well, for a certain condition, your iPad can be locked to a particular network. When you buy an iPad from a person other than Apple, this problem can happen to you. Consequently, you will not get cellular capability when you insert a SIM into your iPad. If this condition happened to you, what will you do? Yes, what you need to do is to find ways of how to unlock iPad from a network and use any SIM. Thus, you will not find any regret after buying the device.

unlock ipad

Steps to Unlock iPad from a Network and Use Any SIM as You Need

You can follow these four steps to unlock your iPad from a particular network.

  1. Contact your carrier or the third party unlock company

To unlock your iPad from a particular network, you can try to contact your carrier. In this case, you need to find out what your carrier’s terms and conditions are for your device to be unlocked. When your carrier allows you to unlock your iPad, then, you can make a request for that matter.

  1. Wait for the process of unlocking

After you send a request to unlock your iPad, you have to wait for the unlock. It means that you will get an estimate about how long the unlocking process will take. So, just wait for the information from your carrier that your iPad has been unlocked.

  1. Finalize the unlocking process

If required, you need to do this step. It is related to backing up your iPad, factory reset, and restoring it from a backup.

  1. Check how the unlock works

After you get information from your carrier that your iPad has been unlocked, then you can check it up. You can do it by replacing the SIM in your iPad with another SIM. After that, your iPad will work with the new SIM if the unlock is done well.

How to Know if Your iPad is Locked or Unlocked

If you are still confused about whether your iPad is locked or unlocked, you can check it by using these steps below.

  1. Check offline

With this tip, you can just replace your current SIM with another SIM. If your iPad suddenly restart and there is a message says ‘locked’, it means that your device is locked.

  1. Check online

With this tip, you need a website service called You can just enter this website and insert your iPad’s IMEI number. To know if your iPad is locked or unlocked, just tap on the SIMLOCK & WARRANTY menu.

For certain reason, to replace the SIM of your iPad with a particular network is needed to do. Thus, you can follow the steps to unlock iPad from a network and use any SIM to make it happen.