How to Easily Restore iPad from Backup with iCloud and iTunes

As the iPad users, you certainly know that you can backup and restore the information you have. When you have backup some files, you can restore them. You are able to restore videos, kinds of music, and also restore photos from iCloud. You can do the same to iTunes if you backup your files with it. So, do you want to restore iPad from backup? Let’s go to read an simple steps below.

restore ipad from backup

Guide to Restore iPad from Backup Using iCloud

Here are the steps to restore iPad from iCoud backup. See the steps below and follow when you need.

  1. Turn on your iPad

First of all, you need to turn on your device. In this process, you have to see a Hello screen on your device.

  1. Follow the setup steps

After you see a Hello screen, then, you should follow the setup steps until you come to the Apps & Data screen.

restore ipad from icloud backup

  1. Choose ‘Restore from iCloud Backup

Reaching the Apps & Data screen, you can, now, click the choice of ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’.

  1. Sign in to iCloud

When you are asked to sign in, you can do it with the Apple ID you have.

  1. Select a backup

In this matter, you can see the date and size of your file. Then, just get the most relevant. After you select a certain file, the transfer will start. If you find a message that says ‘newer version of iOS is required’, you should follow this onscreen steps to update it. If you don’t see any message, you can just continue the step to the restoring progress.

  1. Wait for the progress

In this sixth step, what you should do is to stay connected and just wait for the progress of restoring process. The progress can be short or long. It depends on the size of the file you restore and also the network speed.

When the progress of restoring has finished, then, you can end the setup and enjoy the device with your data restored from iCloud. You can also set up your new iPad from an iCloud backup.

Guide to Restore iPad from Backup using iTunes

Besides iCloud, you can also restore your iPad from iTunes backup. Here are the steps you should do.

  1. Open iTunes

You can do it with the PC or Mac in which you use it to back up your device.

  1. Connect your iPad to the provided computer using a USB cable
  2. Select your iPad

Then, you should choose your iPad when it occurs in iTunes.

  1. Choose Restore Backup in the iTunes
  2. See the date and size of each file you back up and get the most relevant
  3. Press Restore

restore ipad from itunes backup

After you click Restore, the process of restoring will start and just wait for the restoring time until completely finished. In this section, enter the password if asked.

  1. Keep your iPad connected to the computer after it restarts and waits for it in the process of synchronizing with your computer.
  2. Disconnect your device from the computer

When the sync finishes, you can disconnect it and enjoy your data transferred from iTunes to your device.

If you have a new iPad,  you need to transfer your old and important data to your new iPad. Thus, you will not miss your data saved in iTunes even though you use different iPad. You can follow these simple guide to restore iPad from backup above.

How to Factory Reset iPad to Resolve Your Problems

As you know that factory reset iPad to the default settings is a good way to fix some issues that happen on your iPad. Additionally, it can help you in resolving some problems with your iPad such as suffering, crashing, or freezing. In fact, those problems cannot be identified. Thus, these following steps will assist you to reset your iPad to the factory setting.

factory reset ipad

Step by Step to Factory Reset iPad

In resetting your iPad to the factory setting, you need to do some steps. This process will wipe the device on your iPad completely. So, let’s check them out!

  1. Go to Settings

In order to reset your iPad, the first thing that you should do is going to the app of Settings. In this app, you will see the icon of General, just tap it on. After that, you are able to reset your iPad by choosing and tapping the icon of Erase All Content and Settings.

ipad reset

  1. Tap erase

You need to know that in resetting your iPad to the factory setting, you should type your own passcode. Then, after typing it, you will see a warning box on your screen. In addition, that box shows an option which is to Erase iPad in red color. Just click this option!

  1. Enter the ID password

In order to confirm the action of the second step, your iPad usually asks you to enter your ID password. After that, your iPad will wipe everything from the storage and of course, it will go back to the first setup screen.

resetting ipad apple id

  1. Select fully reset

Another way that you can do is selecting fully reset your iPad through iTunes. In this case, you must find the button of Restore. It indicates that it will fully reset to the device.

How to Backup an iPad

Before resetting your iPad to the factory setting, you should backup your data first. Well, here are the simple steps of backing up your data from an iPad:

  1. Convince to have a backup

The first step that you have to do is making sure that you have a back up which is already. In this case, it will be available for you two options. The first one is using iCloud and the second one is using iTunes. Both options are used to back up the device.

icloud backup settings ipad

  1. Go to Settings

Firstly, just go to Settings, select iCloud and tap on Backup. Just like that.

Both matters above which are about the ways of factory reset iPad and back up an iPad are very important to know. It is so when your iPad has some problems that have been mentioned before.

How to Play Youtube Audio in the Background on Your iPad

Playing youtube audio in background on iOS is a popular activity that can give a serious enjoyment to the users. Lately, there are some people who do it since they can listen to music while operating other apps. Also, the youtube audio can still be listened to while the screen is being turned off. So, it will give a nice experience for you. Then, as iPad users, do you want to know how to play youtube audio in the background on iPad completely? If so, just see the instruction below.

play youtube audio on background

The Instruction to play youtube audio in the background on iPad you can do easily

You can do simple ways to play music on your iPad’s background. Here are the steps you can follow.

  1. Find and install the YTB Player

First, you can search the app store to find a certain app named YTB Player. After you find it, then, you can click install to install it on your iPad.

  1. Launch the App

After you install it, you can launch it. The app will show you a list of the most recent music.

  1. ytbFind the audio you want

To find the specific music you want to listen to, you can click the icon of a magnifying glass placed on the top right. Then, you can type what you want to find.

  1. Choose Playlist or Videos

You can select this choice if you want to listen to the audio or watch a video. Besides, you can also make your own playlist by clicking the ‘+’ icon to the music or video you want.

  1. Start playing the playlist and go back to the home

In this section, you can click the video you want or the listed ones you make. After it is playing, you can press the iPad’s home button to go back to the home screen. The audio will keep playing for you.

  1. Enjoy the audio

After you go back to the home screen, you can use other apps while listening to the youtube audio. If you need to change the audio, you can manage it by swiping up from the bottom to go to the Control Center. Then, you can just tap the next or previous button to find the audio you like.

Benefits of playing youtube audio in the iPad’s background

social media on ipadIn conclusion, there are several benefits you will get from using youtube audio service. Below are the benefits you can get.

  • There are many kinds of available audio you can choose.
  • The process is simple to do.
  • The users can play audio while operating other apps, like a message, apps for chatting, social media apps, and so on.

To fulfill your need for listening to music while using your device for other business, you can choose the simplest way to do. To play youtube audio in the background on iPad is one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to choose. So, just follow the steps above to have a new experience of listening to youtube audio while using other apps on your iPad.

How to Set Up Parental Controls on iPad to Protect Your Child

Do you want to set up parental controls on iPad? If it is so, the iPad parental control apps are very suggested for you to use. Greatly, this app will be very useful when your child wants to borrow your iPad. For the additional information, that app will help you to control your child from the app which is warned to open. So, it will prevent your child from opening and accessing a content which is inappropriate for them. It works although there are so many attractive apps in your iPad for kids. These simple iPad tutorial below will help you to use the parental controls.

set up parental control on ipad

Steps to Set Up Parental Controls on iPad

It is better for you to know that an app store of passwords can be entered only once. You can do it every 15 minutes. You can enter the passwords in order to buy an app on your iPad. Here are the ways in requiring passwords:

  1. Go to Settings

The first step that you have to do is going to the app of Settings. You can find this app on the main menu of your iPad.

  1. Select screen time

Then, after going to the app of Settings, you should select the icon of screen time.

  1. Tap Content and Privacy Restrictions

If the second step is done, please tap on the icon of Content and Privacy Restrictions. In this step, you are allowed to turn on the restrictions. You can do it by using the toggle which is located at the top of the screen.

  1. Tap iTunes and App Store Purchases

The last step is tapping the iTunes and App Store Purchases. In this icon, you have to see in the require password icon. After that, just change it to Always Require.

ipad retrictions

Therefore, if your child uses your iPad and will buy something in it, don’t worry! Your child will be asked to type or enter the password that you have made.

Stopping Your Child Changing the Settings Back

You can also do that app by doing some easy steps below. Just pay attention, please!

  1. Going to the app of Settings

In this step, you should choose the setting restrictions.

  1. Add a passcode

In this case, you must enter the passcode that you have made each time when you change something.

Additionally, after you have done both steps, please go to Settings. And then choose Screen Time also tap Use Screen Time Passcode. Thus, you can enter a code which is four digit.

Since the set up parental controls on iPad is important, you should always do it to avoid something bad happens to your device. Also, don’t forget to consider two matters mentioned above to guarantee that your device is safe.

iPad Tutorial for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Set Up and Use Your New iPad

If you are one of the iPad users and you need the iPad tutorial, don’t worry! It will be available for you as the iPad users. The basic iPad instructions will be shared to the iPad users especially for those who are the first time in using their iPad. So, it will be very important for the users of iPad, including you. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because, in the tutorial, you will find some ways in operating a certain application in the iPad. Thus, you are able to operate the app correctly and appropriate with the procedural tips.

ipad tutorial

How to Set Up the Passcode and Touch ID in iPad tutorial for beginners

You need to know that setting up a passcode is a part of iPad set up the process. Besides, you may also enter the fingerprint for the Touch ID. In order to know it more, you can follow these easy ways below to set up a passcode and Touch ID.

  1. Unlock iPad

The first step in setting up a passcode and Touch ID is unlocking your iPad. You can do it by entering your passcode or your fingerprint.

  1. Open the Settings app

Then, you should open the app of Settings. In this menu, you are suggested to tap the passcode and Touch ID. So, you can set up a passcode and Touch ID by entering your passcode.

For the additional information, when you enter a passcode more than five times and incorrect, what will happen? That’s right, the iOS will start to add the time delays. It is like that because you are not the real owner of that iPad.

The Functions of the Home Button

In fact, the home button has some great functions that you can know. Thus, just using this button, you are allowed to do any operating activities. Here are the functions of the home button:

  1. View more pages

In your iPad, you can swipe the screen to the right and left sides. You can do it in order to view more pages of the icons.

  1. Go back to the home screen

Then, the second function of the home button is going back to the home screen. It can be done by pressing the home button which is located in the below screen.

  1. See recently opened apps

Greatly, you can also see the thumbnails of the recently opened apps. How can you do that? Yea, just press the home button double.

By knowing those two important matters that you can find in the iPad tutorial for beginners and seniors, it means that you, now, are ready to use the device. So, just follow the iPad tutorial well to be successful to use the device accurately.