How to Protect iPad From Malware, Phishing or Virus Attack

Any gadget needs protection against attack and intrusion especially if this gadget is containing sensitive data and information. Every iDevice has a security system in its iOS. It is important for you to know how to use this system to protect iPad from malware or virus.

protect ipad from malware

Easy Ways to Protect iPad from Malware or Virus Attack

Here are the tips to protect your iPad from viruses and malware.

  • Passcode Lock

This is basic security to protect your iPad from prying eyes. Your iPad will be set to request a passcode lock every time you want to access it. Go to Settings menu then tap Touch ID & Passcode column. Toggle Turn Passcode On. Then you enter 4 digits passcode. If you think 4 digits are easy to be hacked, you can change it too complex passcode by switch Simple Passcode to ON.

  • Find My iPad

Find My iPad/iPhone is an app that very useful when you lost your iPad or when you forgot where the last time you put your iPad. It will tell you where the location of your iPad. Of course, you need to install this app on your iPad and activate iCloud. This app has Lost Mode to send a message for anyone who found your iPad where it can be returned. This app also has a feature called Activation Lock that request Apple ID if someone wants to reactivate your iPad. So anyone who tried to sell or use your iPad without your authorization cannot do the action.

  • Back up Data

Use iCloud to back up your important data. So when you lost your iPad, your important data still safe and it can be accessed in other devices. Go to the Settings menu and tap iCloud. Sign in with Apple ID and switch to ON all apps that you want to be backed up. iCloud regularly will back up every data in these apps.

  • Safe Browsing

Just like browsing in desktop PC, browsing in the Safari browser is vulnerable to malware and any intrusion from the internet. There are several features in Safari that you can use to protect your privacy. Block Pop-Ups can prevent any pop-ups ad, Fraudulent Website Warning to warn you when you visit suspicious sites, Blocked Cookies to prevent any third party used cookies from your iPad, and Do Not Track to prevent any third party to track your browsing history without your authorization.

To protect iPad from malware or virus in the future we recommend never jailbreak your iPad. Keep your iPad up-to-date: Settings >> General >> Software update. Don’t open the links if you’re unsure where they come from.

How to Get Flash on iPad with Photon, Puffin, and Parallel Access

How  to get Flash on iPad? You might wonder why the company does not enter the apps on the iPad. Meanwhile, many people need it to support their activities such as playing games, watching movies, and read documents. It, of course, makes you confuse why they dismiss it from the screen. Nevertheless, you do not need to be sad because iPad has given the solution. There are some ways to how to install flash player on an iPad below. So, you will not lost what you had ever had before. Okay, stay here and collect the references and then choose the most appropriate to you.

get flash on ipad

How Get Flash on iPad Through These Applications

Well, there are three applications to apply your Flash again on the iPad. Now, you can begin with:

  1. Photon Browser

Photon Browser is the most popular choice for iPad users who need Flash support. This application has a price of around £ 4.99 for iPad acting as an alternative browser. Activate Flash mode, activate the lightning icon in the upper right corner. Turning on Flash doesn’t make the browser slow. You can make Moshi Monster without any problems at all on the iPad with this browser.

  1. Puffin

Puffin is a popular browser that also offers a free version for Flash content. The point is that you can test it for free before paying £ 3.99 for the full version.

  1. Parallels Access

The Parallels Access service offers a way to access Flash on the iPad. You can stream directly from your Mac or PC from anywhere in the world. This application costs £ 13.99 for one year subscription.

Steps to installing Flash Player on Your iPad with one of the Browsers

Well, you have known the browsers to install Flash player on iPad. Next, let’s install with these steps:

  • Open Apps Store
  • Type the browser that you want
  • Tap Get and then tap Install
  • Enter your Passcode (if it is necessary)
  • Out from the Apps Store
  • Make sure that the Apps has been downloaded rightly
  • Access the Flash Website
  • Activate the Wi-Fi
  • Tap the Flash browser
  • Set the browser with follow the instruction
  • Explore the Flash content

Those are the browsers how to get Flash on iPad and the way to install it. It does not matter if you must spend some money because you will enjoy your entertainment side again. Okay, enjoy everything that you want again on your new iPad. Do not forget to share this information to your friends or the others.

How to Fix AirPlay Problems on iPad that Can’t Connect

Have you ever experienced airplay not working on your Mac? If so, there must be some problems to fix in your iPad. Everyone knows that with AirPlay, it is possible for you to mirror your iPad’s screen to Apple TV, Mac, and also other compatible devices. Thus, you can enjoy your photos or videos on a wider screen. In addition, you are also able to listen to streaming music through certain AirPlay-enabled speakers. However, you won’t be able to do them when the AirPlay gets problems. Thus, you can follow the tips below to Fix AirPlay Problems on iPad below.

fix airplay problems on ipad

Tips to fix AirPlay Problems on iPad that Can’t Connect

When you find a connection problem to your iPad with other AirPlay-enabled devices, you can try the tips below to fix it.

  1. Make sure that your iPad is in the same Wi-Fi network with the AirPlay-enabled devices

To check this matter, you can go to Settings. Choose the Wi-Fi section and check the Wi-Fi network available which are connected to those two devices.

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth on your iPad

When the Bluetooth is enabled, click it to turn it off.

  1. Restart the AirPlay-enabled devices

In this step, you can restart the Apple TV, MacBook or other devices you use as the AirPlay-enabled devices.

  1. Restart the Wi-Fi router

In some cases, Wi-Fi connection can be the problem that causes your iPad can’t connect to other devices. With restarting the router, it will help you to fix the connection.

  1. Update the device which you are using AirPlay with

The AirPlay-enabled devices like iDevice, Mac, and Apple TV needs to be updated to the latest version. This way can be a helpful way to fix the connection problem.

  1. Uninstall the similar party apps

Since the similar apps to AirPlay such as Duet Display and AirParrot can interface with the AirPlay, it is better to uninstall them.

Those six tips are good to try when you find AirPlay connection problem. Besides, you should make sure that the AirPlay Mirroring isn’t blocked by a firewall. With these tips, your problem will be easily solved.

How to fix Lagging Video via Airplay

When the video shown on the AirPlay-enabled device is getting choppy, you can do the tips below.

  1. Connect the AirPlay-enabled device to your router using the Ethernet cable directly

By doing this way, you can solve the problem of lagging video since the Ethernet network will be more stable than a Wi-Fi. You can do it when the AirPlay-enabled device is connected to a Wi-Fi.

  1. Disable the devices that may interface with the Wi-Fi network

In this step, you can disable some external device like baby monitors and microwave ovens which are possible to interface with the Wi-Fi.

  1. Check the Wi-Fi setup

Make sure that you have set up your Wi-Fi properly based on Apple’s guideline.

Considering that AirPlay service is important to mirror your iPad’s screen to other bigger screen device, you have to keep a good connection. When the connection has a problem, you can manage it well by following the tips to fix Airplay problems on iPad above.

Suggested Ways to Fix iPad That Won’t Charge Simply

Is your iPad not charging when plugged in? If so, there must be some problems that come to your device. In some cases, there are iPad users that experience getting trouble to recharge their device. For this matter, you can follow the steps below to fix iPad that won’t charge.

fix ipad that won't charge

How to Fix iPad that Won’t Charge You Can Do

To solve the problem when your iPad does not charge, you can do some steps below. Here they are.

  • Check the charging cable and USB adapter

First, you have to check everything related to the charging properties. You have to check if there are signs of damage or not to the charging cable and USB adapter. Make sure that there are no breakage or bent prongs. If there are one or both of those problems, you have to replace with the new one. So, don’t use any damaged accessories.

  • Check for the firm connection

In this section, you have to check the connection among the charging cable, USB wall adapter and also a wall outlet or AC power cable. Make sure all of them are in good condition and well placed.

  • Remove debris from the charging port

Since debris can make the connection of charging bad, you have to remove it. Do it at the bottom of your device.

remove debris from the charging port

  • Plug the charging cable into the device

After removing the debris, you can, then, plug the cable into your iPad.

  • Let it charge

After you plug the charging cable into the iPad, then let it charge for about a half hour.

  • Force the device to restart

When you have wait for a half hour and your device is unresponsive, then, you can force restart it.

  • Let it charge for another time

After you restart your iPad, then you can try to let it charge again for another a half hour.

To do some ways above is usually helpful to fix iPad that can’t charging. However, if your iPad still will not charge, you can bring your device, charging cable and also charging adaptor to the certain Apple Retail Store to check. Besides, you can take them to the Apple Authorized Service Provider to be evaluated.

How to Repair an iPad That Stop Charging at 80%

For you who have ever experienced this case, you can try the following tips.

  • Wait the temperature of the device to drop

While charging, your phone can get a higher temperature. It will be warm or even hot. When it happens, the software may limit the charging that goes above 80 percent. So, unplug the device from the charger and wait for its temperature to drop.

  • Try to move the iPad and charger to a cooler location

You can do this way when you do not want to wait for the temperature of the device to drop. You can just move them to the cooler location. By doing it, your device temperature will automatically drop.

Fixing an iPad that won’t charge is important since it can make you find trouble if you do nothing. So, follow the steps above as you need.

How to Make Old iPad Run Faster as it Used to Be

Every handheld device including the iPad will run slower as the time progress. If you are an old iPad user and start to feel the slowness of your device, these are the tips to make your old iPad running faster as it used to be.

make old ipad run faster

Step by step to Make Your Old iPad Running Faster

There are a few reasons that can make your iPad run slower. Below you can do some tips so that your old iPad can run faster.

  • Delete The No Longer Used Apps

Apps take some space on the storage. By deleting all the no longer used apps, you will free some space in the iPad’s memory that makes iOS work lighter. Remember deleting the apps is not similar to closing the apps down. Deleting means you completely remove the apps from your device while closing down means you only stop the apps to work but the apps still take the space in device memory.

  • Remove Large Files

Go to the Settings menu, General column then select Storage & iCloud Usage. Tap Manage Storage to see large files that occupy your device. Delete the files you do not longer anymore.

  • Restart iPad

After you clean the apps and large files of your iPad, restart your device so it can refresh the memory. Hold down a little longer Sleep/Wake button till you see Power control slider. Slide the power off. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button again if you want to turn on your iPad.

Advanced Steps You Can Do to run Faster Your Old iPad

  • Switch Off Apps Refresh

This will stop apps to refresh features that running in the background. Go to the Settings menu, select General column then Switch to OFF Background App Refresh.

turn off apps refresh

  • Update iOS

It is just another way to make your device running faster if several tips beforehand are not working. Be warned that sometimes updating iOS is not helping your iPad running faster, it even makes your device running slower.

update ios

  • Clear Cache

Full cache makes your Safari working hard to search through all the website data. Go to the Settings menu, General column, and Clear History and Website Data to clear all the cache.

clear cache on ipad

  • Turn off Location Service

If you turn on this feature, it will always be running in the background. Not only it makes your iPad running slower, but it also drains the battery. Go to the Settings menu, tap the Privacy column, and switch to OFF Location Services.

turn off location service

Hopefully by doing some steps above, your old iPad can run faster.